elixir acoustic strings

So, a few years ago, I bought a gorgeous Alvarez acoustic guitar.  Before that, I bought a crap Washburn acoustic, that I returned two days later because it sounded like crap and hurt to play.  I paid almost double for my Alvarez, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything at this point.

My Alvarez came with Elixir strings.  That was a blessing and a curse.  These strings are gorgeous, coated, sound absolutely beautiful, don’t need much, if any, breaking in, and I now refuse to buy anything else.

So I am now guitar string picky.  If you’re going to have a pretty sounding guitar, you gotta make sure you have the pretty strings to play it.  Got some D’Addarios once, hated them.  They got taken off minutes later and replaced with the old Elixirs.  I’m a string snob now, thanks to Alvarez.

Elixir recently had a computer glitch in which all their shipment statuses got mixed up and nobody got their shipments.  I checked one music store twice, and one once and could NOT find my strings.  The dude at one of them tried to convince me to use some other coated strings, but I was all “nah, I’ll wait”.  I waited.  I finally got the new ones today, and I cannot wait to spend some quality time with my guitar again.  Keep in mind, I broke a string in August, and because I had no extras, my acoustic was virtually useless.

Now to outfit my $75 Greg Bennett Malibu with some Elixir electrics once I get the tuners/pickups fixed . . !


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