my upcoming weekend . . . sounds like camp!

Youth leader’s retreat — check out what’s in my future for this weekend . . .


I’ll definitely go to the Sunday morning devotional, it’s in my cabin and all, and at 7:30 . . . but trekking to the GUYS cabin for 7:00 am devotional?  I think Jesus is cool with me sleeping in a little.  Maybe.  We’ll see what happens.

Sounds like camp . . . got a packing list too!


Jamie has a thing for plaid shirts . . . I don’t actually own one . . . I hope this is not mandatory!  And I’m not so sure how up for a polar bear swim I am!  (If I get wild though ;D)


Also, a little bit curious as to what kind of food I should be bringing due to my picky-vegetarian-ness and all. 

Danielle = pure awesome:



4 thoughts on “my upcoming weekend . . . sounds like camp!

    • Me too! STOKED. The last camp-like thing I was at was a World Vision Youth Leadership Retreat back in October ’08.
      So move yourself here, become a youth leader at my church, and then come to the retreat? 😉

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