12 of 12 – october ‘10!

On the 12th day of the month, a bunch of bloggers take 12 pictures throughout the day.  Here are my pictures for October 12th, 2010.


9:51 am – kinesiology.  I have no idea what this is, but it was on the board when I got to class [which we promptly left to go for a walk.  I love kinese.]


10:22 am – community centre.  Our assignment was to go and wander about the [sketchy] area and find and evaluate recreation facilities.


10:35 am – park.  Oh look. MORE shoes hanging from a freaking telephone wire.  Crackhouses?  I TOLD you the area is sketch.


1:42 pm – caf.  This BLUR is Bartman trying to study, and me being distracting.  This is why I don’t stay at school, except I had to in order to get a ride to a work meeting today.


3:18 pm – quad.  Since the old man who lived basically on campus died, they are finally tearing down his house that was infested with cats.  He left the house to the university in his will or something because they tried to offer him copious amounts of money for it and he wouldn’t give it to them.  True story.


4:40 pm – bus.  Post work meeting.  I got a bunch of forms to fill out!  Fortunately, all the $22 a week I earn just goes into my bank account.  No big.


4:53 pm – bus.  This route is new to me.  Once we got downtown I had to be very attentive as to not get lost.


5:58 pm – downtown.  Walking our way very fast to a concert.  See also: creeper 30 year-old man from Montreal tried hitting on / getting my friend’s number.  Ew.


6:20 pm – temple.  MADE IT.


7:18 pm – concert.  Hillsong Youth.  Worship.


8:36 pm – concert.  David Crowder!


9:19 pm – concert.  Last song.  Blurrrry Here I Am to Worship.


12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell.  You can see all the 12 of 12s by visiting his blog.


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