thankful : who am i // flyleaf

I’m so glad to be here / this day has become sacred / i’m trembling with thankfulness . . . // who am i? / who am i that You have brought me this far? / who am i that You have brought me / so far . . ? // all those years of spoiled complaining / i said “it’s not enough” / and You have forgiven me for everything / and You have given me everything / it’s too much, it’s too much, You’re too much, You’re too much // //

Today is thanksgiving.  I have friends and family near and far in this great big world that I am very thankful for.  People who have helped me experience the indescribable gifts of fun, as well as compassion and love.  Friends who learn with me, who laugh with me, and who are just in general there for me.  I’m thankful, so, so thankful, for the God I don’t deserve but who saved my life anyways . . . and brought me so far from who I was.

There’s so much I’m thankful for.  But instead of writing a long, cheesy post about it, I’m gonna leave it at what I’ve got now. 

Happy Thanksgiving!  And to anybody reading this . . . I’m thankful for YOU, too.


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