living water – chasm / john 4

The other night I was reading my Bible, and something prompted me to take a look at John again.  John is a cool book, I am a fan. 

There’s this Flyleaf song called Chasm.  I write a lot about Flyleaf, or I will, get used to it.  And I never really got the song before.  I’d listened to it, I’d read John, but it didn’t click.

Please give me something, I’m so thirsty, I’m so thirsty.

The chasm isn’t fixed yet, take this water, drinking ever deeper, living water . . .


So in the middle-ish of John 4, this lady comes up and Jesus is all “Please give me a drink”, and the woman is all confused at why Jesus is actually interacting with her.  Turns out the lady is a Samaritan and Jesus is a Jew, and it seems that Jesus is being Jesus-y again and not staying within society’s bounds–the woman doesn’t know just who Jesus is.

Jesus was kind of about the mind games, He was about making people think.  He turns it around and begins talking about Living Water, you know, like hydration for the soul.  Living Water, in reality, is metaphor [because Jesus liked those too] for accepting the sustenance offered for eternal life.

The chasm isn’t fixed yet.”  That emptiness inside?  It doesn’t get filled until we accept this gift; the gift of Living Water . . . quench our thirst, if you will.  Only then . . . will the chasm, the emptiness, be filled.  And until then, until we look our God in the eye and say “yes”, we are throwing away the precious gift He’s given to us . . . “spitting in His face with the rest of them”.

This song got so much more cooler once I knew the meaning behind the lyrics in the chorus.  Music makes things click for me.  If it hadn’t been for this song, I wouldn’t have read into that any deeper.

. . . Wouldn’t have drank any deeper.


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