School is awesome.  I dropped a class already as intro sociology was slightly sucking the life from me.  Not as much as developmental psych, however, I cannot drop that because it’s apparently rather required for my major.  THAT prof?  I have had one class with him and I wanted to bang my head against my desk.  Evan wants to drop it.  After one class.  Whatever-his-name-is says four words . . . then pauses for thirty to forty-five seconds . . . and says four more words . . . Repeat.  All class long.

On a bright point, his syllabus says to bring a cup for tea during office hours.  Which is kind of rad I guess.

My kinesiology courses kick butt.  I am highly enjoying them.  My profs are awesome.  I only have one course Monday, Wednesday, Friday now and it’s Adapted Physical Activity, and then I get to go home and be home before noon.


I’m doing some youth-leading stuff at church, which I am pumped about.  It still doesn’t feel like home but I’ll get there.  It takes awhile, it’s a big place.  Took awhile at the old one too, which was so small that the youth program literally fell apart.  And at which we only ever sat around in the lounge and drank hot chocolate and spent an hour discussing our weeks, and then everybody stopped going, pretty much.  I’m totally digging it though, digging the real-ness.  Digging the fact that they seem to realize God is not just for Sundays.

So this morning I woke up with about three hours of sleep in me [apparently neither Tara or I slept well last night in her living room.  Weird times.], went to Starbucks and made the baristas decide for me what I was getting—pumpkin spice latte—went to an awesome service that made me all pumped, hung out with the other youth leaders at 2.1 for a bit, which is the youth thingie between services that we really don’t quite know what we’re doing yet, headed down to the basement to play with the three-year-olds for 11, had some form-filling-out-timez and children’s ministry team prayer, and then got to play-with-slash-console-crying-children-and-inspect-shoe-injuries.  Also: sing children’s songs about God.  Fun times.


Also been seriously digging Trust Company and Falling Up lately.  Still.  The Trust Company version of Rock the Casbah is epic.


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