what can i learn from You today?

So, through a friend, way back in the day, I found a blog called what can i learn from You today?

I loved it, because it was so real to me.  Because real people experience hard times and darkness, desperation and pain, which are then eclipsed by happiness and the stuff we’re passionate about, the stuff that makes life worth living.  The negative desperation, yeah, it sucks.  But it can mold us into who we are.

Well, at least it kind of did that to me.

Anyways, God is teaching me stuff lately, now that I’ve started trying to grow in Him again.  As I read truereligion, as I go about my day, as I listen to Falling Up on my iPod, i find myself asking:

“Hey, God, what can I learn from You today?”

It’s a cool feeling.  It’s a cool feeling when God keeps interacting in mysterious little ways, like making everything you’ve read in the Bible the night before pop up in truereligion or on your Facebook wall the next day.  When what you were talking about (the Chunnel, for example), pops up two hours later in the book you’re reading.  Yeah, only our God could pull something crazy like that!

I tried to make myself think it didn’t matter in the past, but it did—this:

fellowship helps.

Getting involved helps me grow.  Encouragement helps.  This is what the Body of Christ is about.  Because it’s so much better when you’re sharing the journey with someone.  When you can say “Man, our God is awesome.” and the person gets it.  When you have someone who’s feeling it, feeling change, feeling God as much as you are, who wants to dig deeper, who wants to see the change hope can create in the world—that Jesus can create in the world.

I’m back in church.  I’m not only back in church, but I’m getting ignited.  I want to know more, and I want to be there.  I can’t wait to be back.  I’m doing things in church.  I’m excited about church.  I’m excited about unraveling God’s mysteries, unraveling what God wants us to learn together.

I want my thoughts toward God to become second-nature.  I want to grow deeper, grow bigger in faith.  I want to grow deeper into who God is telling me to be, what God is telling me to go after.  I want to see the parts of this world that He wants me to discover.  I want Him to lead me, to discover how to do all this.

I want to be His.


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