here i am again talking to myself

So, here I am, starting back up the Kerri on the Prairies wordpress.  Just thought I’d like to get to the normal blogging, writing, whatever thing.  I can’t say what I post here will have any rhyme or reason, at least not from the outside.

I think way too hard sometimes.  I analyze song lyrics for hours and write about it.  I spend entirely too much time on YouTube, twitter and reading various blogs—entirely too much time on the internet as a whole, including using silly things like Foursquare, but I love social media to bits.

I’d like to say I’ll try to keep things thought-provoking, but really, there’s only so much time in a day.  My thought-provoking posts on other blogs in the past required a few hours to write [perhaps, though, because I may or may not have been being distracted by YouTube].

This is the place I will share my life to whatever extent I feel compelled.  Share what I love, share what makes me angry, and share what turns my life upside down . . . for good or bad.

Here goes this next chapter, this next blog, on the journey.


2 thoughts on “here i am again talking to myself

    • Heck yea! I kept neglecting this blog so I figured I’d delet the one post from February and start fresh and make it more public 🙂

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